An All-Inclusive Play Destination!

Where Faith, Families and Friendships Grow!


Open now!

A full size soccer field is available to those who want to scrimmage with friends or play an actual match.

Open now!

This basketball court is designed to be accessible to all, including athletes in wheelchairs.

Coming spring 2020

Bring your family and enjoy a picnic in the park.  Accessible tables so everyone can join in.


We are taking sign ups for the community build of the playground!!!

We must have volunteers by May 31 in order to proceed with the build.  Please sign up and invite others!

Sign up here

Community Build is set for June 22-25, 2020

All volunteers must:

  • be in good health

  • be 16+ years old

  • wear closed toed shoes such as boots or tennis shoes (no flip flops or sandals)

  • long pants are recommended

  • It is not necessary to bring tools. If you do bring your own, please have them labeled.


Breakfast, lunch, drinks, and snacks  will be provided.


Childcare will be provided on Tuesday, June 23 only.  See sign up for more details.

How can you help?



  Choose the size and type you would like to enjoy in the park.


Shade Trees:         Evergreens:

15’-25’ Tall  $450       6' Tall  $250

12’-20’ Tall $375        5' Tall  $200

10’-15’ Tall  $275        4' Tall  $175

8’-10’ Tall   $150        3' Tall  $125

Please enter your selection in the Comments area of the order.



Brick sidewalks will add beauty to the park.  For a $40 donation,  you can add your name to the park.


Please enter the text you would like on the brick in the comments area of the order. 

(50 character maximum)


Power Walk

Paved sidewalks through the park will make this a place for all to enjoy. Underwrite a 10 ft section for $130. This will include a brick. 

Please enter the text you would like on the brick in the comments area of the order. 

(50 character maximum)


Huntington - Drake Goetz Option 8 revise


Donations are needed for the safety turf for around the playground . Any amount will help us reach our goal.

Park Inspiration

Drake's Park is a vision formed by a rare friendship that two boys were lucky enough to find. Carter and Drake became best friends and "brothers"at age 3. They did everything together including church, school, sports, vacations, church camp and building things like tree houses to vehicles. They had a bond and friendship that ended too soon when Drake lost his life at age 15.

In honor of this friendship, we want to build a park for All kids to enjoy. It will encompass many of the activities that Drake and Carter enjoyed. Drake's Park is celebrating our community and our youth by the All-Inclusive focus.By enabling everyone to participate we want to encourage families to create bonds and develop awareness of each unique ability. 

When complete it will have a soccer field, basketball and pickle ball courts, a restroom, walking paths and a Pavilion. It will create a “whole environment” that will support active participation of all people, of all ages, and all abilities to encourage wellness.

The most exciting vision is an All-Inclusive Playground. It will be a safe place to challenge minds and imaginations by providing opportunity for physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive and communicative benefits of play. These are the fundamental needs for every child of every ability to become a contributing adult. Disability is often mistaken for the inability to experience “normal” because of limitations, but rather it is the limitation of opportunity to participate on an equal level. Disability is not a condition a child has, it is an experience.

An Outdoor Inclusive play destination can be an important part of our community! It is a fundamental statement about our community’s social values and their belief that every child deserves the right to play. Research shows that children who learn how to play together whether it be with their peers or multi-generational have a better understanding and attitude toward others.  It builds character and celebrates similarities as well as differences. Huntington County will be a better place to live.

This park is about Love, it is about Friendship, it is about Dreams and having Faith, It is about Families.  It is about Healing for the Community that has lost Children too soon.

We need your help to make this dream a reality! You can find on these pages many ways to help or contact and donation links at the bottom of every page.

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