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About Drake

In talking to people about Drake certain themes repeatedly come up in the conversations. One theme, however, seemed universal - goodness.  Drake wanted to do good and he wanted to be good…and he was.  It was his desire to be Christ-like that was so evident.

Drake was a young man who already understood the value of living with integrity.  Often described as kind and compassionate, Drake was a person who others enjoyed being around.  You could always find Drake surrounded by a group of friends.  He was an encourager and a good listener.  He would look for ways to lift the spirits of those who needed it.  He was a friend…not just an ordinary friend, but a good one.

He also valued and loved his family.  In his early years he could often be found asking questions of those around him.  As he grew up, childhood questions matured into adult conversations and he understood the importance of hearing other’s perspectives and thoughts.  He appreciated his family connections and was quick to offer an “I love you” at the end of a conversation. 

He understood the value of hard work and was diligent in his studies and dedicated in his athletic pursuits as well.  Drake had a teachable spirit that made him an enjoyable athlete to coach. 

He enjoyed mechanical things and working on scooters, four-wheelers, cars, or motorcycles.  If he didn’t know how to do something, he would ask someone or watch a YouTube video.  One thing was certain though, he would figure it out.  He was determined to find solutions.

As much as he loved the mechanical side of motorized vehicles, he loved riding them with his friends.  Anyone who lived within the vicinity of Drake has undoubtedly seen the thrill seeker buzzing through the fields.  If you were lucky enough to see this, then you were witnessing pure joy in motion!

On November 20, 2017, Drake was in an accident that took his life at the age of fifteen.  Drake has left a beautiful imprint on the lives of those he encountered.  And now, although gone physically, his memory is still encouraging us all to be good and to do good. 

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