Park Rules


Now that the Park is finally open we would like to remind you all of a few things:


1.) Please absolutely no smoking. 🚫


2.)Please keep your dogs on a leash at all times and limit them to the walking paths only. (Please do not let them run free through the soccer field, basketball area or play area. If they go to the bathroom, do your part and clean it up so someone doesn’t step in it.) 🐶 


3.) Please be careful in the parking lot, we still have some areas we are cleaning up and the playground will be busy with just opening. 🚗 


4.) Please be respectful of the Park and others who are there. So much time and love has been poured into this Park by so many different people. We want it to stay beautiful and be a place for every child (and adult) to enjoy. ❤️ 


Thank you all and we can’t wait to see you enjoying this beautiful place.


T: 260-358-7705 (Dianna)

T: 260-224-3151 (Shelli)



The park is located at

4082 N 350 E

Huntington, Indiana 46750

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