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The Friendship that Inspired the Park


The inspiration for the Drake Goetz Memorial Park came through the friendship of young boys turned to young men. Best friends from three years of age, they shared a special bond. In many ways Drake and Carter were more like brothers than just friends. Through the years, they enjoyed countless activities and created unforgettable memories.   


Drake and Carter began their friendship as toddlers. They were inseparable.  Where you spotted one boy, you would often find the other.  Church, school, vacations, church camp…these are just a few of the places you could find them together.  One thing was for sure, they were a team.


As they got older, they continued to share many common interests.  One of those interests was sports.  The boys participated in baseball, basketball, and soccer.  Even into their high school years they continued to play soccer.


They also shared a love for all things motorized.  Scooters, four wheelers, cars, motorcycles – you name it, they loved it.  From riding to working on different projects you could often find them in a garage honing their mechanical skills or out in a field enjoying a ride. No matter what, if they were together, they were having fun!


After the loss of Drake, a conversation began on how his memory could be honored in a way that would benefit others in the community.  This is where the idea of an all-inclusive park in Huntington County first started.  It was decided to build the park on the ground where the two boys could be found riding together.


The Drake Goetz Memorial Park is about love, it is about friendship, it is about dreams and it is about having faith. It is also about healing for those who have lost children too soon. All these things reflect the friendship between Drake and Carter.

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